Large sauna

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SAUNA which is divided in 7 zones. The first zone is swimming pool , big and deep enough. The water in the pool is always clean and cool. Next to swimming pool is recreation area ( beach trestle-beds) which is available for 4-5 people at the same time. Next to it there is a massage room with a massage arm-chair. Séance of massage will surely give you relaxation after busy working days. The excellent steam-room is trimmed with wood both inside and outside and this gives additional feeling of comfort. The steam-room is rather large ( 5-6 people at the same time), the guests can sit and lie comfortably. There is a music center and you can arrange a DISCOTEC here. There is also a caraoke and you can sing songs all together. Additional information: the air in sauna is always fresh because of high ceiling and good ventilation. The tea-room is large, with a big table and soft sofas. Its walls are trimmed with wood. The atmosphere here disposes to rest and communication. There are additional rooms for rest with soft furniture, shower-bath and toilet. We can suggest to you fresh firm beer from the wood of premium class “Pan Sladek” both light and dark from our own brewery.
The prices: a group less than 8 persons – 1200 roubles per hour. Minimum order – for 2 hours. Each additional person – 100 roubles per hour additionally. For persons who live in the hotel minimum order of big sauna is for 1 hour. If you order big sauna for 4 hours we give you the fifth hour free. Two children under 7 years of age are paid for as for 1 adult.
Our visitors say: Vitaliy and Oksana:

“ We were – a big group- in this sauna on the 8th of March. We were glad to see the swimming pool with fresh cool water, spacious tea-room. The personnel was attentive and polite. We were with children that is why we came beforehand to see everything and were satisfied with what we saw. We ordered 4 hours in SAUNA and the administration gave us the 5th hour free. The only thing that we can advise to the administration – please, remind that our time is limited earlier because children dress themselves too long.”

Oleg and Vyacheslav

” Everything was good. Clean, comfortable rooms, deep swimming pool ( but we’d like deeper!),a good SAUNA… But we failed to find in CARAOKE our favorite songs. We’d like to advise to the owners to renovate the repertoire of CARAOKE machine. And on TV there only minimum channels, it would be nice to add sputnik TV. And billiard would be good!... We give this SAUNA the mark 4+” .


“My friends and me go to SAUNA at the end of every week, but we did not think about this SAUNA though I live not far from it. We decide to go there and were pleasantly surprised by the swimming pool and SAUNA. We also liked the beer “Pan Sladek”. They have their own brewery here and beer is fresh and very good. We tried both light and dark and decided that dark beer is better! Go and try yourselves!”

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