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Turkish KHAMAM is known from the times of Alexander Makedonsky who united into one state many cultures and peoples. The name KHAMAM originated from the Arabic word KHAM that means heat from steam. Turkish KHAMAM today is a luxurious steam-room where your soul and body find calmness and delight. Weakening massage increased these feelings. The temperature of the floor is always about 45-50 degrees C, it is not too hot and you feel comfortable. Add the aroma of fragrant herbs, JAKUZY and oriental tea and you will feel that life is wonderful!. We strictly follow technologies and guarantee the effect from SAUNA exactly what you want. The delight, massage, pleasing warmth, aroma will help you to forget stress. You will feel lightness in your body, will be in good mood, sanitate yourself. Turkish KHAMAM promotes improving heart and vessels condition, useful when respiratory diseases, physical pains, cleans our body from slags, helps to loose extra weight.

We recommend to order our firm beer “Pan Sladek” to SAUNA and we’ll bring it to you very fresh, both light or dark. We are waiting for you!

The prices: a group less than 5 persons – 800 roubles per hour. Minimum order – for 2 hours. Each additional person – 100 roubles per hour additionally. For persons who live in the hotel minimum order of big SAUNA is for 1 hour. If you order big SAUNA for 4 hours we give you the fifth hour free. Two children under 7 years of age are paid for as for 1 adult.
Our visitors say: Oksana:

“ My friend, her husband and me were in this SAUNA for the first time, I did not know what is KHAMAM. Humid hot steam gives a good relaxation, skin becomes silk. We also liked JAKUZY – big enough and many regimes. We tried everything here. It was very nice. When we came we were met by the owner of this SAUNA Mr. Morozov - a very good man! He recommended their firm beer “Pan Sladek”. We have chosen several sorts of light beer. My friend and me enjoyed light beer with a taste of caramel. Excellent!

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