Sauna with a font

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What is fine – it is SAUNA with a font. To reach the best effect from SAUNA it is not enough to spend some time in a steam-room. It is desirable to do some contrast procedures: from a steam-room you go a cool swimming pool. The sharp contrast of high and low temperatures is very effective for your immunity, metabolism, heart. Sauna made of wood is very popular now because wooden bath is convenient and practical and give positive effect on a person. In Morozov’s SAUNA you will find classic wooden bath with clean cool water. The floor is also warm. After bath you may drink very fresh beer “Pan Sladek” – what can be better?!

The prices: a group less than 4 persons – 800 roubles per hour. Minimum order – for 2 hours. Each additional person – 100 roubles per hour additionally. For persons who live in the hotel minimum order of big SAUNA is for 1 hour. If you order big SAUNA for 4 hours we give you the fifth hour free. Two children under 7 years of age are paid for as for 1 adult.
Visitors say

We celebrated here a birthday of my friend Helen. We were 4: Helen, her husband, me and my husband. We were surprised that this SAUNA was so spacious and clean. We did not know that Morozov’s baths are so large. Our SAUNA with a font was on the 2d floor. We liked the warm floor and a steam room. But we did not like the TV program on that day – only one channel.

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